1999         MFA, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

1994         BFA, Painting, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


2019 Look Through This: New Work by Rachel Goodwin, Horse & Buggy Press and Friends Gallery, May 11 – June 29, Durham, NC

2018 Converse Canopy: Balls & Beads and Tree, Power Plant Gallery Summer Residency, Durham, NC

2015-16    Sungazing, Monkey Bottom Collaborative, Durham, NC

2013         Rachel Goodwin, Monkey Bottom Collaborative, Durham, NC 

2012         Lights, Peacock, Action, Durham Arts Guild: Room 100 Gallery at Golden Belt, Durham, NC

2012         Pinball Sunset, Strange Beauty Film Fest, Man Bites Dog Theatre, Durham, NC

2006       Resuscitate: Collages and Paintings by Rachel Goodwin, The Scrap Exchange Gallery, Durham, NC

2002       Paintings, The Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA

1998        Blind, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

1998        Rachel Goodwin: Paintings, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2018           H&B and Friends, Horse & Buggy Press Gallery, Durham, NC

2018           Rainbow Braids, Sparkle Motion and Big Red at Rubenstein Art Center, Duke University, Durham, NC

2017           Balls & Beads, installation in the Richard H. Broadhead Center, Permanent Duke University Campus Art Center
Collection, ongoing, Duke University, Durham, NC

2017           King of Cockroaches,  April 23 – May 19, 2017, Guest Room, Carrboro, NC

2016-17      Anywhere but here, December 2, 2016 – January 20, 2017, Lump, Raleigh, NC

2016          Camstellations, CAM Raleigh, Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, NC

2016          Tilt-a-Whirl: Exhibition by Martha Clippinger and Rachel Goodwin, February 19 – March 4, 2016Spectre Arts, Durham, NC

2016          Muralists! 13 Artists + Social Change, The Carrack, Durham, NC

2015          Tremor on Trent Street, Monkey Bottom Collaborative, Durham, NC

2015          20 Buck Chuck, Spectre Arts, Durham, NC 

2015          Electric Slides 1, Spectre Arts, Durham, NC 

2014          20 Buck Chuck, Spectre Arts, Durham, NC 

2011-12      57th Annual Juried Exhibition, (juried by Linda Dougherty), Durham Arts Guild

2010         Mingering Mike Exhibition, The Outsiders Art Gallery, Durham, NC

2009        Spin: Gameboards, The Scrap Exchange, Durham, NC

2006        Spark Con, showed Mardi Gras series, Raleigh, NC

2003        Meanwhile, Penny Furniture Building, Durham, NC

2000        Super Unnatural, Adobe Books, San Francisco, CA

2000        Pro-Arts Juried Annual Exhibition, Pro-Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

1999         Where Are They Now?, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1999         Rachel Goodwin: Shell, Herbst Pavillion at the Fort Mason Cender, MFA Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

1998         Figuring the Decorative, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

1997         Laid Bare, Walter McBean Gallery, SFAI, San Francisco, CA

1997         Excess Baggage, 6th Annual Juried Exhibition (juried by Enrique Chagoya), The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA


June – July 2018 Power Plant Gallery Summer Residency



Marianne Wardle, Laramie, WY

Duke University Campus Center Art Collection, Durham, NC (commissioned installation)

Emily & Chris Hannon, Chapel Hill, NC (commissioned installation)

Wendy Hower, Durham, NC (commissioned installation)

Joyce Ventimiglia & Jim Havercamp, Durham, NC

Kerry & Dave Cantwell, Durham, NC

Di Rosa Art Preserve,, 5200 Sonoma Highway, Napa, CA

Cliff Hegnst & Scott Hewicker, San Francisco, CA

Amy Standen & Chris Colin, San Francisco, CA

Max Garrone & Davina Baum, San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth Kairys & John Allspaw, Brookyn, NY


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